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Sleek Semi Diamond Single line Neckline in  very Good finishing
Regular price Rs 1,380 Rs 999 Save Rs 381 Sold out

Antique Necklace in very cheap price
Regular price Rs 1,420 Rs 999 Save Rs 421 Sold out

Sleek neckline in American Diamond
Regular price Rs 3,000 Rs 1,200 Save Rs 1,800

Beautiful Royal collecion diamond look set in very good finish with rold gold plated
Regular price Rs 1,800 Rs 1,250 Save Rs 550

American Diamond set with long earrings for girls
Regular price Rs 1,799 Rs 1,299 Save Rs 500 Sold out

Peacock design Necklace in antique look
Regular price Rs 2,999 Rs 1,499 Save Rs 1,500

Kundan double necline with green stone
Regular price Rs 2,030 Rs 1,499 Save Rs 531

Kundan necklace with beautiful latkan earings
Regular price Rs 2,500 Rs 1,581 Save Rs 919
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